Point and counter-point
the feminine and the masculine,
bodies with different strengths and purposes.
never becoming one,
but growing side by side,
providing a laminate that produces a greater strength.
The Truth is always something far greater
than we expect it to be
or ever want it to be.
It is truly a Holy Grail that pulls us forward
towards something far more omnipotent
than ourselves alone.
This pulling wrenches us at times and haunts us at others.
It never leaves us quite alone.
Yet we are somehow brought into the realization
that some special union is at hand.
Lover and beloved upon a bosom of the Holy.
Not to stay!
The heart of God never stops beating.
We have just to rest
and then to spin off and away
in another journey that will lead us towards
self and circumstance.
A never-ending dance,
I move toward you and with you.
All of this now and forever.

     From Pieces of the Journey: A Collection, Don Davison

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