Doubt reigns supreme!
The fire of pride fans fear's flame.
The fare we feed our children is fodder for their souls.
Rococo is dissonant, an assault on senses.
Those who glorify tragedy
with inappropriate art forms,
inappropriate subjects,
inappropriate circumstances,
sing Satan's song.
We are lost as we cross over the bridge of mine! theirs! now!
With vile obscenities assailing the innocence of children,
we say we love them.
“You insidious bastards of ignorance,
you defile the word Child.”
May we be wise enough to know:
Eternal vigilance, Oh Lord!
Eternal Vigilance!
Eternal Vigilance,
Oh Love!

From The Swamps of Time: A Collection, Don Davison

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From Through the Swamps of Time: A Collection, Don Davison
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