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I have spent many years as a man, son, husband, father, consultant, counselor, educator, business man, author and friend. Every endeavor has provided deep rewards and challenges. In the realm of the interpersonal, absorbed as I am in my existential totality, the harvest of my efforts has always been to share a thin slice of my accumulated wisdom.

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I owe so much to all those with whom I have had contact: my wife, children, grand-children, parents, teachers, friends, the world-at-large, and all that forms my worldview. My hope has always been to touch others in a reciprocity of thankfulness and love. My most recent efforts are to share my writings with those so inclined to search these pages. May your search be rewarded as you seek to see the tracks of a fellow human being, a brother.
A fundamental reason for creating this website is a belief that only through a profound demonstration of courage can we pay homage to those who have gone before. Kneel and pray! Bow down and pray! Be ready to act with heroic deeds! Be one! Here! Now!
Stay a while and stroll along my path. Spend a moment bathing in a reverence for the grandeur of life.

Thank you for stopping by. God’s speed, Namaste, Allah Akbar (blessed be his name), Shalom, Adios.
Dr. Davison has taken many paths in his life's effort to understand the world and its people. Enjoy the body of written works he has produced along the way, including social commentary books, political poems, life coaching books, and more.
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