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May 11, 2012


When individuals are too small, governments are too big.
When individuals are too big, governments are too small.

Although the cosmos and our world are awesome – truly grand, there are only some things that we can influence; few in the cosmos and some here on planet earth. Most of our attention should be placed where it can do the most good. Without belaboring the point, we should all start with self. A keen self-awareness in the course of human history has amply demonstrated most of our fruitful accomplishments.

* * *

Play one! After all there is only one of you, one of me, and we will be our own greatest works.

Stand still in silence! Becoming an astute audience of the orchestra of one, one’s only true and lovely note, and the ability to harmonize that note, is our greatest challenge.

True! Not true! Mine! Not mine! This is that discerning process that gives us tools and opportunities to walk the talk.

Own it now! This is that existential mandate that nature presents as our only way. Life is littered with those who have not honored this omnipresent dictum: “Pay attention or die!”

Act in love! This is the only word that says it all. It will need sufficient compassion to give us the necessary focus on knowledge, care, responsibility, and respect. All must be present.

Dedicate yourself to growth! Nothing stays the same. To everything there is a season. Challenge yourself to maintain complete integrity and to be open to each one.

Follow all of life’s rules!* There is no other way to own the gift of life and to share that gift with our surrounds. Everything is holy. Participating in the Divine’s Sacred Play must be done with a humble heart. There is no other way.

* The Rules are from The Game of Life: A Player’s Manual for Executives and Others, by Don Davison.

April 10, 2012


Shame is a deeply felt sentiment –
carried in the recesses of our souls.
Yet there are times,
when in danger of losing ourselves,
we reach a catharsis
and a few summon sufficient courage
to embrace a remnant of their
vestigial honor –
that glorious reciprocal of shame.
And then,
in a supreme sacrifice of our pseudo-selves,
we heroically stand for what we know is right.
Resurrected from the ash bin of our lives,
we choose to grasp that last thread
tying us to our souls.
We choose to embrace the truth
and in so doing set our souls free.
How many will there be who will –
when reaching the precipice of squandering,
turn, stand, and say,
“Now is the time for all good souls
to come to the aid of their country!”
still we see hanging from time’s lattice
tattered sacred documents
wrought with blood and treasure.
We have left unaided history’s greatest gift,
when a few great souls pledged their lives
and sacred honor to set a nation free.
Feb. 7, 2012


It has been said, and yet bears repeating: “We must, if we rationally can choose to survive, keep an omnipresent “pressure on the real.”* This is our mandate: “PAY ATTENTION OR DIE”. Nature in her magnificence is honest to the core. Lest we forget she means it, as we develop the umbrella, or envelope, of our omnipresent mediated environment, we must keep a watchful eye on everything all of the time. Neighbors, close and afar, weather, politicians, governments, the list goes on. What part of this do we not understand? And the older we get, for most of us, the more we realize just how important this PAY ATTENTION OR DIE mandate really is. This is an excellent opportunity for our “retired” brothers and sisters, in their heroic attempts to do just that, to exercise their new found skills and start sweeping, mopping, cleansing, polishing, and honing the wonderments and applications of the internet. While many are doing just this, we need legions of the willing to help stem the tide of the malicious, seditious, and insidious. As the old Chinese proverb says, “We must move our chairs closer to the fire to see what we are saying.” or has been said. Battle on!”

*You may wish to check:

© 2012 Don

Jan. 16, 2012


As the new transparency of an age peels away ever more layers of the human onion, we, along with the assistance of the technology of or our time, will continue to uncover within and outside ourselves a vast array of trivia and more of the essentials. Some we will not understand, some we will dismiss, some we will heroically attempt to appropriate as necessities in our new world. This will not be done without difficulties and a sustained commitment to own what we perceive is in our very best interests.

As we turn in our intellectual and spiritual wanderings, we will fumble and grasp after the ridiculous and sublime. And as the pace will seem to slip faster and ever faster in the onslaught of the forever new, we will take less and less time to sort out and own the burdens, the opportunities, and the responsibilities of our new found and ever more important freedoms of choice.

In all of this, it is prudent to recall the double-edged sword of truth. It cannot be wielded with the sanctimony of youth – or the ignorance of the uninformed. It will take practiced masterful strokes of insight to seize the necessary and to make straight the way. We will see how many are called and how few really choose to assume the mighty mantle of freedom.

There will be many who will choose by default or by design to attempt to escape the obligations of choice as more and more of us seek to play with our Smart phones, iPads, and Kindle Fires. This we all must do as we seek to live in our new now and to know, in that concomitance of life, what life is all about. And yet, we must, as well, reach out to walk the walk and talk the talk with family and friends.

We stand on the shore of a new world and we are increasingly at risk of setting sail without ourselves. Stand and hold fast to the gifts of the centuries! We must touch one another and say from the very depths of our new found centripetal personhoods, “Yes to life! Yes to all the sacred acts of sharing!”

© 2012 Don Davison
​Sept. 11, 2011

May this day serve as a reminder of every tragedy that has ever happened, is happening and will happen. We must remember that life is forever real. The imperative is that we dedicate ourselves to ourselves while recalling all of the innocents that have perished, are at risk, and will be persecuted.

I offer this collage of sentiments.

On the battlefields of all our wars
they lay on the bosom of her breasts,
the dead and dying.
You drew their flowing blood deep into your damp womb,
in order to give birth to yet another generation
who will “hold opinions”
for which they, too,
will be willing to do battle and to die.
There stands a mighty oak bearing witness to it all.
In passing, awestruck by its majestic form,
every creed and race bowed before
its great, purposeful presence.
Slowly, deep from the depths of the hominid’s soul,
realizations bore fruit.
We are all too much the same to have so many differences.
An age came to pass.
We’ve all been touched by their sacrifice.
Begs the question …
Will the touch finally be enough to bring
each and every one of us
to an eternal vigilance that maintains an ever-present
respect for life?

Men, women, young, old, every race, every creed –
all are victims.
Where is the hue and cry from the Imams, Mullahs,
Patriarchs, Popes, Clerics, Preachers and Priests,
Monks and Nuns?
Biophilia! Biophilia!
It is the very sacredness of life that we all profess –
and so ignore.
We come late to the table of magnanimous compassion.
Too long have we felt ourselves sequestered
by culture’s ugly lassitude,
that bigotry of ignorance, that conscious self-avoidance
leading us all to lonely deaths
and no understanding of the beatific.
In our shallow thinking, in our eclectic, fleeting deeds,
in our insipid wonderings,
we lack that simple depth of purpose,
honoring the efforts of the All.
Accumulating secular applications
of knowledge’s shadowed purpose,
we have slaughtered and ignored the slaughtering
of every single thing.
Their screams, heard only by a saintly few,
meant nothing to most of the rest
of our brothers and our sisters of the world.
Moaning in prayerful hubris, we hunched our backs
and turned away from any form of hope and love.
To you bastards of no purpose, I scream into your ears,
“Stop the pilfering of the Divine treasure chest!
Save the children!”

How far from the heart of the whole must they be
before we recognize the difference?
Our egocentric selves,
lost in our ethnocentric histories,
see so little in the differences we purport to Others.
How far they are from us,
we say in those seldom moments of reflection.
When does the “I” stop its self-circumnavigation and peer out?
When does our fear of losing “one” let go long enough
for us to see something different?
In those holy times when immersed in “It”
we cry out for oneness
and It presents itself in the Other.
Finally, our beleaguered soul snaps to a cold attention
and we see, feel, and hear the cries
of our brothers and our sisters.
Their moaning almost upsets us – until,
in that sacred crucible of truth,
the mighty smithy hammers out a reflection of ourselves.
From the depths of cultural archetypes
we emerge to stand naked in a whirlpool
of consciousness’ stream,
and in that nakedness we come face to face
with the agony and ecstasy of belonging all to “It.”
From munificence to beneficence
the tick tock of our awareness becomes a silence
melting into everything.
Then a cacophony of yeses screamed into our ears
rages through us, leaving in their wake
a still point of reflection
in which we behold the face of God.

The Truth of the Greater Good
must extend through us and beyond us to the All.
We must wait upon the Truth before we condemn
our brothers and our sisters.
Remember, patience gives us prudence
and the ability to see and do.
A cancerous few affect the many
as the mitochondria of the miraculous nets and penetrates
the fabric of the species.
Know this:
We must learn to excise the cancers!
Why this appalling outbreak of senseless abandonment
by members of our own kind?
We wonder how much of this we owe to God and yet,
we have to turn to ourselves and ask,
“Did we touch them enough?”
Every mother, father, brother, sister has that mandate:
“Love is touch.”
* * *
Helping hands coalesced from divergent cities.
Grief poured in from around the world.
Why innocent victims?
Where is the logic of the Divine Plan?
A sandal, a tennis shoe
will never again know their warm, soft owner’s foot.
Mothers’ and fathers’ arms hang empty.
Parents, friends, relatives and associates
have lost their loved ones.
By the thousands they gathered,
sharing gentle touches and soft words.
Some with set jaws, some with moist eyes,
all sitting in many rows,
making a statement with their presence.
The nation’s muted note was played on electronic airways.
The multitudes listened to inspirational overtures,
songs of mourning,
all seeking understanding for a hungry hope.
Messages crackled in from other places:
“Who will cry for the Hutu and the Tutsi?”
Simple reminders came to tell us,
the victims are many and diverse.
Can we finally own the Truth of One in the Now?
The few were recognized by many.
When will the many be eulogized by us all?
Do trembling children, wide eyed and frightened,
finally touch deep enough our hearts, our minds,
our bodies and our souls?
The world is a potpourri of the species,
melting into one, becoming a flowing river,
forever bringing brothers and sisters to new shores.
Hear this:
When anyone is lost there must be a ripple
on the waters of our kind.
We must know the tender touch of children,
must never forget the tender touch of children.
They are for whom we toil,
they are the recipients of our good and evil acts.
“Please bless the children!”

Would it be …
That humane potential is ripened in the vineyard of time
and that the righteous could withhold punishment,
even unto death,
and in so doing be forced to remind themselves that they
– the evil ones –
are still here, and there.
And to restrain them is a commanded obligation.
Perhaps to chain them to a tree with blanket and food,
so they must bear witness to the fullness
of the passing of the seasons.
And periodically,
we would be bound to approach them and ask,
“Are you ready?”
​Sept. 1st PM


I’m sick and tired of hearing and seeing the paltry fare on the so called mainstream media. “What is the end game?” What great prognosticators of history have always known the outcome? The more we know and the more we plan the higher the probability that we can come closer to an intended outcome yet predicting some time table in the human realm is very difficult. How idiotic are the complaints of those who have insights and abilities and do not do.

As the pendulum swings or the coiled spring moves, we, the social animal, manifests the full spectrum of human behavior. It is always the case, in the extremes of excess, that we have music unbounded by the human voice, electronic accompaniment that knows no limits, the clattering of syncopated rap, and the unbridled repetitious screamings, ad nauseam, of forced lyrics. We have too much of this and not enough of that. We have cultural faces that have lost their way.

The mechanical and electrical, with computerized assisted forms, create seamless realities that mirror myth and the bionic as well as the robotics of the day. And so too in the films of the moment we are thrilled, intrigued and assaulted. A few of us may still pine for the simplicities of a cryptogenic-layered stillness where blue-green algae play out their hidden purposes.

When we parse the cultural mores of primitive peoples, which in retrospect aren’t so primitive, and the so-called sophisticates of the planet, who with time haven’t proven to be so sophisticated, we find it has been difficult to decipher the intent of thoughtless activity. In the face of this onslaught many of us still live seeking truth in the appropriate balance of too little or too much. The great philosophers and theologians, those that have spoken to us over vast sweeps of human efforts, have sent clear messages. The great questions of the ages have always been: What are we really? What should we really do?

In all of this, where come the shoulds and shouldn’ts of our current endeavors? How do we, in our glorious freedom-seeking expressions, take the time to sort out our dos and don’ts? Have we lost that reflective wisdom, a wisdom distilled from purposeful repose that bequeaths communal behavior essential to the well-being of us all? Has unbridled freedom forgotten the young and the old? Where are those cohesive patterns of shared responsibility that give structure to human societies?

It seems we have netted the globe with our pixilated new found fancies and foibles, painting the breadth and depth of freedoms that pay scant attention to subtle differences of age, other faiths, other cultures, and the sensitivities of honestly being human. Countries with the wherewithal saturate global media and markets as the oppressed and maligned seek sustenance from their persecutors and their poverty. They want, for the most part, to have, to experience the good life or what they perceive to be the good life without sufficient understanding of the debt-ridden, anxiety-plagued, relationship-strained backdrop that is of necessity coming to the forefront of life in the fast lane. 

And all this happens with a language that has grown coarse, even vulgar, and shrieking as those deft but not so deft electronic intrusions jingle/jangle or vibrate, as they punctuate and pulsate us out of our present.

“Where have all the children gone?” To texting everyone, to a prolonged adolescence shared with an almost mature culture that in its extended exposure to noxious onslaughts of space and time live seeking escapes in petty pursuits miming their children’s capricious antics and lack of responsibility. We need a dedication to purpose that seeks to grasp and hold our visions and our dreams, a place where necessity’s integrity births patterns of behavior that mirror expressions of a Divine partnership.

Who minds the hearth and store?
From where the sighs of forevermore?
What forgotten meadow jaunts 
slip silently from memory’s haunts?
When did we began our slides
from aged cultural evening tides
where mind and body sat and thought
making things by hands not bought?

Personal integrity as well as a sense of personal responsibility are the essential ingredients of a mature and purposeful human presence, a presence wrapped into a reverence for the timeliness of the organic and the prudence and patience of a mature human life. The ancient art of delayed gratification provides moments of reflection that give sufficient repose to reconsider our intentions and our motivations as they relate to honest expressions and actions of a healthy responsible self as well as creating and maintaining com-plementing relationships with others.

© Don Davison
Aug. 21st 8:11 PM

Immigration is the story of human life. Our habits of roaming and settling have led us from being tribal and regional to members of states, and finally to some sense of national and global cohesion. This wanderlust coincided with a felt need, a fundamental aspect of our behavior, a natural right.

Now, in our species’ history, we know that there is no space left on earth that is not occupied by some national or international jurisdiction. Where does this place us as individuals? Our past and present wanderings have taught us much about the world, others, and ourselves. In the beginning we espoused values that we came to believe worked for us, whether they were values of myth, religion, or custom. We took these values with us wherever we went.

Time and our own development have taught us that some of what we believed was not true. The accumulation of information from all corners of the globe and from all the peoples of the world came to present itself as a new science. This science of nature and our place in it emerged, enlarged, and integrated a much more thorough view of the world and of humankind. Eventually most of us became aware of the fact that whether we spoke a particular language, believed in a particular religion or custom was not without its faults. Our continued presence on the planet was determined by circumstances that dictated the potential for survival.

In the course of events, we created governments to protect us from ourselves and from others of our own kind. We must now learn to apply governmental circumstances that have the potential to maintain safe, productive living opportunities for us all. Finally, we have come to know that which is lethal for one of us, can be lethal for all of us. Fangs and poisons of the flora and fauna as well as disease and weaponry of every ilk know no boundary. Most of us have also come to know that to be nations of equanimity birthing magnanimity we must be nations of laws and we must aggressively enforce those laws.

 There are similarities in our social conventions and natural law. We have also learned that there is a need to model our laws after the consequences of our human interests and behaviors. I want to address the current state of immigration based upon this natural propensity of the species to be wanderers. Indeed, wandering has proven to be efficacious for us all. In light of the success of our natural history, I also would like to offer an organic model of governance.

From this organic frame of reference, we must understand that the organic model of governing all circumstances, including social circumstances, demands an omnipresent maintenance of the certain beneficial behaviors that have resulted in our survival. Laws of survival became the ideals and guiding principles of all given populations. The conscious obedience of these ideals and laws became what we call personhood. By this, I mean personhood is the efficacious culmination of behavioral patterns that formed what may be viewed as an organic model for the success of human behavior – knowing and acting upon what is in our best interests.

 When a critical mass (something around 80%; see note on page 36) of a population operates in the best interests of enough of the whole,there is critical mass, there is sufficient opportunity for growth and development to sustain itself and influence others to do the same.

Personhoods of the current century have been worn for some time under slightly different circumstances, and so it is that in the current implosion of people, with or without permission, we have come to recognize the benefits of knowing who is moving about and for what purpose. Currently, this culmination of behavioral patterns forms what may be viewed as an organic model of personhood. This has served to protect the ideals and laws of people so that a shared humanitarian presence has the potential to serve most of the people. That there is a negative to this scenario is understood. Warring disagreements, a part of the global psyche, have been with us for some time. It must also be said that war in and of itself has not deterred the movement or the development of the species.

It is poetic that in the course of events, as different nations developed their own flavors of ideals and laws, an international body would attempt to capture some amalgam of multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious views and put forward a universal document. That document is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That there is broad appeal to this document is obvious in that the number of signatories to the international convention is 192 nations. It must also be said that while national governments have become signatories this does not mean that all individuals of those nations have the same sentiments. 

We are still in a very  dynamic, natural and developmental stage of social and ecological evolution. Meanwhile, the fact remains that we are some six billion strong. We now have more people sharing more of what we individually and corporately do than ever before in the history of the species.

Today there are covenants and constitutional writs that expound rights and obligations under penalties of law or custom. There also are some communal groups, or powerful smaller groups, who are empowered by their various constituencies to enforce laws for the ostensible good of the people. Our ongoing challenge is to further understand those rights and obligations so that a responsibility to enhance and protect them becomes a reality.

U.S. Immigration Policy
The U.S. immigration policy has much to be proud of, as well as some things that cause great concern. As a nation of immigrants, we have a past that is glorious, abhorrent, and ridiculous. While we invited those so inclined to immigrate and become a part of this great experiment in democracy, we also supported the practice of slavery and some of us, upon occasion, genocide. Overall, however, we have been extremely successful in creating a dynamic amalgam of cultures that has produced some of the best accomplishments of the species.

At this point in the history of the United States, we are being challenged with another set of circumstances that will require a consensus of the common will. In arriving at that sonsensus, it will  be necessary to have a measure of understanding of this country’s history as well as an understanding of the current social and economic fabric of other nations.

A Brief Comment
Again, it goes without saying that all human activities have always been in the “on” position. People are exercising their freedoms, governments are operating, and economies are providing goods and services. Life is ongoing. We are moving about the planet in ever-increasing numbers depending upon what we consider to be in our best interests. This fact of human mobility, governed by some rules and regulations in the various parts of the world, has changed little over the course of human events.

The recent discussion that is taking place in the United States, in other nations, and among the international community about immigration is not about just targeting a specific group of people, but identifying some very undesirable individuals or groups. This comes to the forefront now because of a dramatic increase in numbers as well as a set of specific prevailing circumstances that threaten the lives of individuals and the workings of nations.

That there have always been “rotten apples” in every barrel is a truism. That all groups of people have attempted to organize (deal with those rotten apples) is a fact and that people can be successful in dealing with them is also true. There are those examples in history when, for a brief period, a given group with a maligned intent has gained the upper hand. Those moments tended to be bloody and oppressive. None of them has survived any great measure of time, which bespeaks a measure of wisdom for the species. The gaining of more wisdom and its further application is ongoing. This necessitates a comment for further discussion: Technology has always provided illicit opportunities for some maligned individuals. It is obvious with the increase in numbers and technology, they are becoming problems with serious consequences. In addition, although sometimes technology is used to monitor people and technology itself, it must be remembered that “we” are responsible for ourselves. Insufficient commitment is being made in this arena.

The Current Moment
The United States is now faced with an immigration problem that has a critical mass of individuals, many of whom are currently involved in a personal and familial history that will be difficult to resolve. At what point in time did we become aware that there was a growing problem? How did we perceive the problem? What do we intend to do about it? These are all reasonable and belated questions.

To begin to attempt some meaningful answers we need to have an honest appraisal of some historical facts. Every group of immigrants has brought some new ingredients to the melting pot of our culture. This has resulted in a stew that has become ever more delicious and more substantial.

One of these groups, “the Mexicans,” must be of special interest. In this case, a lengthy history spans the entire life of the United States. We are a nation that is wrapped into the history of another nation and its people. Even though the birth of the United States predates the birth of modern Mexico, there has been an intimate sharing of presences for some four hundred years. As one would assume with the natural course of events, there have been the normal sets of circumstances: Who was here first? Does it really matter? What has been the “working” history of this relationship, and not just with people but also with governmental entities?

A meaningful beginning in any attempt to understand the current circumstance must be this fact: There have been “Mexicans” here from the very beginning; most of those who were here when the transfer of sovereignty took place were excited about becoming part of a new young and growing nation. They stayed and became part of the great amalgam. However, by becoming part of a new whole, they did not abandon entirely their customs, language, or ties to their mother country. In reality, it was right under foot and right next door. This, as a mitigating factor, must be understood in order to understand the history of the “Mexican presence.”

Other groups of nationalities did not have an immediate contact with their mother countries. Closeness matters. Cores of Spanish-speaking enclaves provided seedbeds for others who would later see the benefits of coming to this great nation and they came. The numbers were small in the beginning, however they have remained steady and over the course of time, the numbers have escalated through family ties and governmental programs, such as the guest worker program, as well as nationality by birth or by relationship. This has occurred to such an extent that Mexican Americans have now become the largest minority group in the nation. In and of itself that would not matter – except that for the fact that many broke laws to get here and to stay here.

Due to a lack of oversight by state and federal authorities, or even citizen watch groups, many Mexicans who came to work on federal programs have chosen to stay in the United States illegally. Historically many others have also chosen to come uninvited by traversing the U.S.–Mexico border. Over time, the Mexican border became a porous avenue for people from all over the world to come to the United States illegally. Does it surprise anyone that people follow others? They merely choose to take the path of historical opportunity and least resistance. During that same time, the nation was too preoccupied with other matters to deal effectively with growing numbers of illegal immigrants. Occasionally an insightful individual would broach the topic of illegal aliens but would be either put down or ignored. However, nothing in the organic disappears – it merely evolves.

Now, with substantial numbers affecting local, state, and federal resources, as well as being dangerous, people are beginning to look more closely at the issue. It has finally been perceived to be what it has been for some time, a very serious problem.

In the realm of the organic, molecules have protective membranes to screen out foreign bodies, entities that may not have the integrity of the whole in mind. No nation can survive without some measure of control over its borders. This fact is now complicated by another disturbing fact: there are individuals who by taking advantage of the lack of sufficient controls at the borders can easily enter this country with catastrophic purpose and intent. They and maligned applications of technology can have very serious consequences.

Given historical and actual circumstances, we immediately need to begin to undertake measures to ensure that the immigration problem is resolved. Along with this dawning of awareness comes the subsequent responsibility to resolve any connecting problems without creating problems that are more serious.

Borders and Immigration
Numbers matter. History is real. In addition, the human family has some members that do not have the well-being of some parts or of the whole in mind. Indeed, numbers are becoming more and more important. For example, the number of polluting processes in the present as well as the supportive social
infrastructures bespeak a lack of understanding that portends potential problems of great magnitude for the individual as well as the whole. That history is connected to the present is obvious.

Our Spanish-speaking relatives are just that – relatives. We must be more than a little understanding of their circumstance and we must not forget that the ones who were here from the beginning are an integral part of this nation. Those who chose to come later came because there were opportunities here that contributed to their increased sense of well-being. This activity, in and of itself, is a repetition of thousands of years of progress made by the human family. The Human Mandate: Pursue what one perceives to be opportunities to better one’s own circumstance as well as that of their primary and extended family's circumstance. This is not new history.

The United States has been a beacon of light and hope for centuries. In this, we must all take pride. However, the fact that sufficient time and resources were not put into the management of the vast tide of immigrants coming to our shores is unpardonable. The truth belongs to itself. We have known what was occurring and we chose to ignore the consequences. It has only recently been discussed with some measure of alarm. That feeling of alarm received a shot in the arm with the events of 9/11/01. There is a substantial and unacceptable risk inherent in allowing the problem to continue unresolved.

Undocumented and therefore illegal aliens are not in the best interests of any lawful society, especially now with those who wish to do us harm and have the ability to carry out their intentions. Policing a society is difficult enough without the added burden of trying to guess who might be entering the country unannounced with the express desire to create havoc and wreck mayhem.


1. Secure the borders. This can be done with a larger border patrol, civilians, as well as federal troops, and with hard and electronic intervention/supervision. That, along with biometric identification of all legal U.S. citizens, would create an acceptable environment. This is a national emergency. Sorting out the long-term mix of sufficient numbers of needed personnel will be done as we make progress in taking care of all of the concomitant problems.
2. Every agency, be they local, state, federal, or private, should be charged with the responsibility of assessing the legal status of any person involved in any activity that has brought them to  the attention of the authorities. Every agency must share that information with all other appropriate agencies. Any state that refuses should suffer the interruption of federal funds, except for those dedicated to the protection of life as well as the maintenance of essential infrastructure.
3. Create immediate legislation that will require that any (I repeat here any) employer must ascertain the legal status of an employee. Fines can be set at commensurate levels to ensure compliance.
4. No child should automatically become a citizen of the United States. Children, for the most part, must be presumed the responsibility of someone/parents. There never has been a state thus far in the history of the world that developed a cohesive caring responsible society that expected the state to take care of  its personal responsibilities. It also goes without saying that any contemporary society that does not have provisions to take care of its own citizens with the full range of common changes and natural disasters affecting its members is not a state. This in no way precludes the international assistance given to those tragic victims of natural disasters. We all must always be ready to lend a hand.
5. Health-care benefits should be the natural right of every member of any given society. To be a member of that society all capable members must make the essential contributions to the support of those health-care services. (It must be added that Mexico, as well as other nations, has programs of healthcare that are provided to all eligible citizens.)
6. Clarify the status of every citizen of this nation. From that assessment create paths to citizenship that are not automatic and do not favor those who have chosen to disregard the current immigration laws.
7. English should be the official language of the United States of America. We are a nation of immigrants and yet we all must be informed responsible citizens capable of participating in a national dialog – anyone with anyone.

Special Note About Mexico–U.S. Relations
Mexico, you have the myth and truth of legend and like us, you cannot gloss over history and shout about truth. You must create opportunities for truth to flourish. The plaque at the foot of Lady Liberty says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door." We meant it then and we still mean it, yet we know there must be continuing cohesion to a country and to a culture. “Come and be recognized!” bespeaks a culture that governs, a country ruled by a deep respect for the rule of law. If we choose to disregard the hard-won order of the ages, we will abandon that fundamental respect for an appreciation of basic human rights – those inherent rights are the foundation of mutual respect for legislation that honors those rights.

To build a wall says we have all failed. How historically idiotic and wasteful is a wall of some 2,000 miles between two neighboring countries in the 21st century?

You have failed in your country to recognize the need for a rule of enforceable laws that are not ignored by an endemic corruption – which is one of the motivating reasons many of you come to a country that is not endemically corrupt.

We have failed in our commitment to uphold those laws and the order that follows from law.

A democratic republic demands an enlightened populace. We have chosen to ignore that responsibility. That this has gone on for such a long time is a sign of the disconnect within a democracy that guarantees freedoms that require a participation in an interdependent quadripartite: an executive, a legislative, a judicial, and an electorate. Only in a continuing vigilance does a democracy flourish.

What is needed from both of our countries is a mutual maturity, one that commits to a growing awareness of, and a responsibility for, the creation of infrastructures that enforce the laws of the land.

Neighbors cannot live with resentments and fear, nor can they be affected by an allegiance to an economics of convenience that in a fundamental lapse into adolescence sees only convenience.

This all must be understood in the current environment of a madness that seeks to destroy, to kill and maim. Fundamental methods of protection that provide information essential to safety and order are now a reality. We live in an organic world. Movement occurs and the challenge for all is to mature in ways that recognize that certain elements must be identified and culled from the civilizations of the 21st century. This will require new modes of life recognition that are in the best interests of all.


Recognizing the organic aspect of human life does not preclude any society from managing the identification of its citizens. I am fully aware that this will place a burden on all members of the society as well as the resources of that society. We must strengthen our resolve and our commitment. The fact that there has been such a broad diversity of penetration into the United States society/economy by illegal aliens helps to ensure that the burden of problem resolution will be shared by the entire society. If any segment is unduly burdened, we can make appropriate organic adjustments. We must all be aware that there is now a new set of circumstances that warrants the assumption of new responsibilities.

A nation’s character is writ largely by the responsibilities that are recognized and met by the citizenry of that nation. The well-being of any group of people, nations included, is a measure of the commitments made by members of that group to its social fabric, meaning to itself and to others. Common cause is one of the cohesive factors in the strengthening of any society. The human society at home and at large is both our individual and communal responsibility. If fundamental communal as well as fundamental individual responsibilities are abrogated and left to states, or nations, the life of that state or nation will be short lived.

NOTE: *This 80%, plus or minus, of the human species is of sufficient critical mass to generate a flow of human life from child, to adolescent, to maturing young adult, to maturing adult that can sustain itself. By this I mean that humanity can then spend sufficient time and resources in taking care of, maintaining, and improving the human and environmental conditions without having to spend inordinate resources policing the social whole and reconstructing the infrastructure necessary to allow the human species to continue to grow and develop its full potential. The species becomes synergistically positive and not synergistically negative. In today’s world, it actually is quite easy to identify those groups of individuals who because of an error of perspective operate with a negative synergism. Venn diagrams would actually allow you to see the countervailing strengths of each group. The overlap of the interface is always in favor of that which enables the whole (critical mass) to grow and to flourish.

You may also wish to see “The Twenty-First Century” in Murmurings, along with “Reap the Wind,” “Polis Mundi,” “Refugees,” “Who Is my Brother and my Sister?,” and for those Mexicans recently arrived, or for those still at home, “And the Soul?” in Always Extolling, both texts by Don Davison.
© 2008 Don Davison, Ph.D. (This essay appears in SIGN POSTS Vol. I)

​Aug. 16,. 5:22 PM

As the new transparency peels away ever more layers of the human onion, we along with the technology of the age, will continue to cover over ourselves with a vast array of trivia and uncover more of the essentials. Some we will not understand and some will dismiss.

As we turn in our intellectual and spiritual wanderings we will fumble and grasp after the ridiculous and sublime. And as the pace will seem to slip faster and ever faster, we will take less and less time to own the burdens, the opportunities, and the responsibilities of our new found and ever more important freedoms.

The double edged sword of truth cannot be wielded with the sanctimony of youth – or the ignorance of the uninformed. It will take practiced masterful strokes to seize the necessary and to make straight the way. We see how many are called and how few really choose to assume the mighty mantle of freedom.

There will be many who will choose by default or by design to attempt to escape the obligations of choice as more and more of us seek to play with our cell phones and tablets instead of reaching out to walk and talk with family and friends. We stand on the shore of a new world and we are at risk of setting sail without ourselves. Stand and hold fast to the gifts of the centuries! Touch one another and say, “Yes to life!” Yes to all the sacred acts of sharing.

Aug. 5, PM 2011


By what breach of reason
do we cross faith’s threshold
and sink in ageless muck?
As pious animals we turn our minds to pasture
and our backs to fellows of the species.
In the name of righteousness,
sanctimony sets new rules
and we abandon common sense.
As sacred edicts are pronounced,
we clamor in the name
of Holy Justice
for the deaths of others.
“Oh ye of craven faiths beware of mine –
‘tis holier than thine.”
Blinded by our ragings,
we lose sight of reason’s shining star.
To right the course
the tiller must be set toward yon brilliant speck.
In all the heavens it’s our only hope.
Make straight the way on reason’s path
with humble heart and generous spirit.
We know so little.
We pretend so much.


Our time is full of questions.
Information mounts so quickly.
In adolescent paranoia,
we peek and anxiously wait.
Shame is something we avoid - at all cost.
Scream now!
I want to be me!
All me!
Only me!
And of course as I do,
I must know that you and me are One.
We must stand for one and One for all
so that the sequins
of ourselves send a message to the species
that becomes a mirror
in which we see the beauty of the Whole.
Stand still!
Mirror that magnanimous beauty of the soul!
Be silent!
The Holy is at hand!

Aug. 5, AM 2011

Few comprehend the magnitude of our current circumstance/endeavor. Too many individuals grind away with preconceived standpoints that lack the necessary depth of personal freedom; the same freedom that births growth and change while maintaining an open vibrant human longing that leads to a belonging. To appreciate what freedom really means one must possess sufficient courage to act and to respect as they manifest an openness that shouts, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” 
​July 30, 2011


There is petulance in the Sandbox. Is this where we finally find ourselves? What cultural degradations have lead us to this moment? From inane conversations to screaming obnoxious obscenities, we wander in, out, and through the events of our times. How unbelievably shallow, naïve, and inconsequential are the comments of many of the pundits? We wouldn’t be stretching our commentary if we were to call them downright stupid. We are now reaping the crops of chaos from the last two generations of the lost. Year after year for the last forty years we have allowed ourselves to slide into an existential morass stirred by the ladle of information and misinformation. Media’s penchant for rushing just to throw stuff against the wall has shamed us all.

With an abased sense of “Yes I can!” we have watched and listened to less-than-seasoned discussions using less-than-reasoned truths. Decorum, that pleasant shrouding purpose, has vanished from our stage.

Who will rise to grab the reigns, and with a character dedicated to purpose, slow the cultural wagon to make the corner of the fast-approaching bend in our national road, and in so doing lead us toward a horizon of mature and reasoned effort?

We have gained an understanding of the value of human life (for the most part), yet we have allowed children to dominate the stage. Yes, we all know how important they are, yet they are only part of the cast of players in the grand human drama.

The vagaries of the human presence are such that it is essential that there be a critical mass of life experience before we enter upon the threshold of raising children. Fathoming the “buts” and “if thens” of our reasoned efforts takes a certain measure of lived in space/time. There is no substitute for the maturing process – being over time. While children, especially in our current moment of electronic toys and tools, seem to have a “get-it-quick” (understand which buttons to push, touch, or screen to swipe) attribute, they lack the sophistication of the application so essential to understanding the cause and effect of our integration of mechanics and electronics as we choose to have them participate in our daily lives. We are still, as a society, sufficiently aware of the fact that we don’t let  
8, 10, or 12-year-old children drive automobiles, fathoming a real absolute need to accept personal and communal responsibility.

And yet we seem to be unable to realize there is a difference between whining, pestering, misbehaving, misunderstanding, and what we have come to understand as knowing. And now we feel as though we must add really knowing. Only one of the afore-mentioned activities should be allowed to continue into adulthood and that is: knowing, really knowing, what we think we know. Isn’t there a paradox here? We currently have an abundance of individuals who look like adults but don’t speak or act like adults.

If we follow the reasoning that the most obvious denizens of the human circumstance are fear, anger, guilt, and false pride and that they “flow” from fear (the most primitive) to anger (the most visible) to guilt (the most burdensome) to false pride, (the everlasting need to knowingly lie about the known), then it follows that once we enter the vicious circle of fear, anger, guilt, and false pride, we are playing a losing hand.

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June 28, 2011

Just to let you know, I have been traveling for the last month and a half. I will now continue to engage through my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

April 24, 2011 

It has been said:

In the face of the history of events it has been said, “I am the resurrection and the light.” An awareness of being that by virtue of presence says it all to everyone. 

* * *

What shame creeps abroad in this great land? How many citizens bow their heads in sorrow and slouch toward Gomorrah? 

What would it take to get the voting populace to make the effort to own their self and their circumstance by voting?

Such a simple thing, such a responsible thing, such an essential thing – such an honorable thing: the active participation in a democratic republic. Participate in the on-going dialog! Voice your opinions! Hone your logic! Stand naked in the wind and call your name! I am an American! No other act says as much. Nor other thing expresses that maturing sense of communal responsibility. One may think going to war in the name of a nation says it all. It is not enough. One must participate in the on-going social conversations. One must be present with their mark.

​April11, 2011


If red is dead then blue is through. We’ve birthed them both in search for truth so there must be some in each.

We emerge, partially, from nature’s arms and then it is that we must learn to walk alone/together.

How can this be when mine is mine and yours is yours – except that time – when yours is mine and mine is yours?

A Great Age is upon us, it has always been, and it is now that we must choose to be present in ourselves and to one another in ways that demonstrate the gathered wisdom of the ages. It cannot be that we must start from scratch. Too many have given so much, taken so much, done so much. Those treasures of our accumulated development and understanding must now become the stepping stones that lead to a more refined appreciation of ourselves, each other one, and everything else.

Capricious, even mad gesticulations are manifestations of childhood and adolescence. As that ever-deepening self perception entwines in our circumstance, we must be bold enough to mature into our own age. And while it is not without its consternations, we must be about the equanimical application of our wherewithal, and there is much.

We have gained incredible forms of mobility, variations of every size and hue of so many has lead to so much. And we have consumed it all from A – Z. We have had those saints and sages who have admonished us, have pointed toward the others. Many of us looked away and saw less deserving other-thans, some we chose to slaughter and others we passed by. In our senseless pillaging and maiming, bequeathing deaths, many agonizing, and destruction, much worth saving, we plunged forward into a wanton desecration, we became the desolate ones. We chose to strut in hubristic machinations, deceiving ourselves with our own ignorance, an ignorance that thought we were the chosen ones; after all we won the war, the battle, and the race.

Truth is not just any movement, it is a self-coincidence with the saced and that can only be a complement to the Divine. Knowing this is a humbling yessness that settles around us as a holy mantel. This is not something we wear with some sanctioned pride, it is a gift long sought after, patiently awaited and received only when we present ourselves as an innocent or practiced soul as part of the Divine Bouquet.

So, when we choose red/blue/Islam/Christianity and all the other manifestations of religious history or our imagination, what forms the construct of our choices? It must be that committed gloved hand, cloaked with the holiness of self, that in incorporating – think here what if – a complementing presence to the Divine’s Oneness, it becomes more than and less than and nothing else matters. We are then in the arms of the Infinite Eternal.

So why, in the face of this, do we wallow in ways that lie, bend, turn, twist, destroy those sacred others in our presence? To each has been assigned the same task to be red/blue/Muslim/Christian, whatever.

April 10, 2011


It is not a lack of something, without which we cannot be whole, it is a potential that each one of us has within ourselves, a hidden treasure that we must discover and nurture, a gift from the infinite to be shared with the eternal.

We are talking here of something essential, something personal, something unique that represents the lasting creative forces of the process of life. We are not pointing towards some other that we are longing to become, something “other than” without which we feel incomplete, stolen from, put upon, victimized, by because we don’t posses it – whatever it is; an orientation of being that others are gifted with, an object of our resentment, a fear, a fault that someone else is blessed to have or not have. That somehow, an “I”, a me, a you are less than.

We are what we are, an “I am!” that stands as an essential piece of the Grand Mosaic, an integral piece of the Grand Design, a self possessing attribute of being that is uniquely ours, and that we are responsible for at whatever level of self ownership and creativity that we can muster. We are only and always just responsible to the extent of our “I am!”

We cannot lament. We cannot cry out to the fullness of another and rage after that which we perceive as an essential that has been taken from us and must be given back. We cannot squander our time cursing the fates of history or the present. We are not entitled to someone else’s body, land, or treasures. We are that singular manifestation of a Sacred Rock. We are that seeking after what is eternally already there within ourselves. We are those “sequined selves”* sharing life and light with ourselves for and to ourselves as witnesses for and to others in the presence of the Divine.

To waste our precious time-being in wild gesticulations, ranting and destroying things and others is a foolish use of energy and effort. We are an opening, an offering of a sacrificial lamb to the other Sacrificial Lamb in a Holy Pageant of the loving power of a Divinity.

We are, in our own way, the truth and the light, we are the beacons sharing our faith, our hope, and our love with each and every one of our fellow creatures of creation. We are the co-creators wrapped into the landscape of the infinite. Our only task is to plough the fertile soil of the self so that we can enjoy the gift of self as we share our presence with others and our God.

The Rauch is up!
It is battering the tailings of my cloak.
It is pushing me towards myself.
I must utter my “thank you”.
I must live praising the sacred All.

*See The Phenomenon of Man, by Teilhard de Chardin.
March 28, 2011


It seems to me that not only a sense of the facts of history are indispensable to a reasonable understanding of the human path, so also are the rules of logic. Consequences follow antecedents. This we can take into account and in our fathoming, factor into our decisions.

I also feel a reverent sense of awe stands us in good stead. The laws of the universe are many and varied. Exercising prudence, when making sweeping assumptions, is the mark of a reflective maturing individual.

Leadership falls to those who, with a reasoned commitment of character, exude a purpose of presence that, while acknowledging the unique value of the individual, incorporate a reasoned sense of the whole in their decisions.



Greater numbers are real
and made even more real by the media.
Yet …
the whole remains the same.
The new smog of our time
presents only more of a few,
and that focus bends the perception of truth.
Media dumps information
into the whole,
and many believe the fare.
Who is it that really knows
what was and is
eternally already there?
Only those who see
the unmediated beauty
of the present.


The heroics of those who marry warriors
is the stuff of goddesses and angels.
To love enough
to allow one to follow one’s own sense of duty
is to recognize a purpose
that meets the demands of human life.
When one considers the disposition of a lover,
a father, a mother, a provider, a friend,
a child,
we are not easily satisfied.
Our internal wish and our eternal desire
is always to share a presence with our love.
Yet in the face of an eclectic fleeting now
we still forge bonds with sufficient freedom
to allow warriors
to risk it all to protect beliefs
and place their lives
upon the altars of our times.


I seek a few good men
who revel in the farthest reachings of soul.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
whose senses bask in wholeness,
not a dreary, thin palette of an age.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
astonished by their solitude who, touching femininity,
romance with reverence like kittens at play.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
tested by war,
yet free to love all the children of the day.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
enraptured with sufficient erudition
comprehending the eternity of the present.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
possessing subtle humor offering
poignant relief of perceptions strung on the rack of irony.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
who remember Martin.
No! The other Martin
of the conversations of I and Thou.
And that is all.
I seek a few good men
free of the click-clacking rhythm of the mind,
souls free in silent stillness sensing
And that is all.

All three poems are from: Through the Swamps of Time

March 23, 2011


For decades the U.S. and the rest of the world has pussyfooted around the obviousness of reality: cultures are different, perceptions of reality are different. This stance, for the most part, has not seen reality in its great cohesive-stretch through time. Reality, in the end, does not care about the ignorance of a few. It follows the dictates of a sufficient critical mass that self-defines in some predictable fashion. The perceptive among us have realized the arc of human history carries with it the True North of personal and communal freedoms. The human soul aspires to express itself, in itself, by itself, and through itself. We live knowing there will always be a newer, deeper, ever-expanding expression of freedom. Our greatest challenge will forever be to embrace and to incorporate an ever-widening, all-encompassing “joy of life” that ever-giving gift of being that chants in celestial notes, “Life itself is our reason for being!”

To its everlasting shame, in the midst of our good deeds, the U.S. has stood by for far too long when atrocities were being committed. We, as a nation, should have drawn a line in the sands of time long ago. Isolation did not work then and it doesn’t work now in an interdependent world.

There is a great expansion in our self-perception when we come to know that respect is only possible when we realize that what we recognize in another is a reflection of oneself and in that there is a great awakening to a more complete world view. We see mine / yours / his / hers / its / the all’s / as a profound beauty of great significance without which we are not human. Beneficence / munificence is the caring movement, birthing an awe of understanding, that melts from sky to earth and back again as an intention of yesness manifesting the sacred of us all. We must maintain a fidelity to our “whole self” in the relationship of divine providence that cradles us and all that surrounds us.

The U.S. stood by and witnessed massacres, genocide, and the usurpation of resources by demagogues, dictators, and bullies all around the world. We have not demonstrated a universal commitment to the principles of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. If, indeed, the rights we extol are natural rights that all people possess, then we should have stood by them in the protection of those rights. We are now reaping the madness of our abandonment. The cost in human life is incalculable. The cost in treasure and time is also incalculable. As the fire of democracy sweeps across the face of the globe, we must step forward and assist freedom-loving and freedom-seeking people anywhere in the world with any and all measures available to us. That the health of the parts depends upon the health of the whole is painfully obvious. Isolation has never been and is not now an option. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way has been our battle cry; it must now become our personal commitment to each and every fellow human being starting with our neighbors next door and around the world. 

It is best, when idiots deny the holocaust and genocides, that we remember we are not obligated to spend any time engaged in a dialog of ignorance. We need to move on, locked to our course by a commitment to purpose through a focused attention, by paying homage to the efforts of the freedom-seeking species

March 3, 2011


What truths can we come to know that can change our perceptions of ourselves? Many! There is an abundance of information that presents new points of departure that could lead to a greater expression of our individual potential. Search!

Myths and legends speak of heroes and heroines – and in the fantasy of our youthful hearts and minds we wander in the throes of growth believing all we need to do is find a fairy that will magically change our lives.

Over time, we come to the realization that we are the ones responsible for growing up and changing our lives. With this realization comes the golden opportunity to choose to mature. We can reach down inside ourselves and draw up that hero or heroine and choose to change our point of view and grow toward a self responsible maturing person. 

The choice is always ours and if we choose to worry about what someone might say about our growth, change of perspective, then we are choosing to escape from our own freedom. What tragedy!

The greatest and most significant personally heroic moment for us all, is the choice to be free to be who we can choose to become. Choose!
What truths can we come to know that can change our perceptions of ourselves? Many! There is an abundance of information that presents new points of departure that could lead to a greater expression of our individual potential. Search!

Myths and legends speak of heroes and heroines – and in the fantasy of our youthful hearts and minds we wander in the throes of growth believing all we need to do is find a fairy that will magically change our lives.

Over time, we come to the realization that we are the ones responsible for growing up and changing our lives. With this realization comes the golden opportunity to choose to mature. We can reach down inside ourselves and draw up that hero or heroine and choose to change our point of view and grow toward a self responsible maturing person. 

The choice is always ours and if we choose to worry about what someone might say about our growth, change of perspective, then we are choosing to escape from our own freedom. What tragedy!

The greatest and most significant personally heroic moment for us all, is the choice to be free to be who we can choose to become. Choose!
Feb. 24, 2011


Children of an age have decided to play hide-and-seek in some adolescent recess from responsibility. Present your case - debate - then vote and move on, eventually to the creation of a new law or, if necessary, the repealing of an old law. Respect the process! Don't abandon the playing field!

Collective Bargaining (CB) has become a sacred cow - a diseased one. Born of an age of need, CB was and is essential. Now, however, contaminated by the degradation of numbers and political agendas, CB expects to portray itself as the pure spirit of the less-thans who have become the more-thans at the public's expense. Robbing from your neighbors and lying about it is pathetic.

The corruption of that fundamental disposition that recognizes basic fairness, has caused the strong-arm tactics of process (union thuggery) to vote en mass for politicians who have no sense of justice. Bought votes count just as much as the honest free votes. The modus operandi of the unions has been to negotiate with politicians who will use everyone’s money (taxes) to seduce a false constituency into thinking it is OK. There is now a large group of fundamentally dishonest individuals who think “let’s get as much as we can in the form of wages and benefits whether they far out-strip the current market for the same work or service or whether we rob tax dollars or dues from our neighbors, along with their right to choose how their dollars are spent doesn’t seem to matter. And by the way it is all just fine.” As if childish repletion makes it all better.

The collective has obligated the state to withhold dollars from union members that can be spent on, among other things, the perpetuation of a particular political agenda or whatever without much, if any, input by the membership. That sure sounds wonderfully democratic.

The current state of larceny and lies gives the ignorant a platform upon which to scream obscenities and absurdities as they demonstrate with their children, in front of the rest of the country as well as the world, the depth of their lack of integrity.

CB as an option is available for those who wish to participate. I personally believe every state should be right-to-work state and I also think CB has gone amuck when used by the public sector. This current opportunity to ameliorate the CB problem and allow for a reasoned solution, one that does not rob anyone of their civil rights, could be taken care of by the creation of a law that balances budgets and reviews the costs of goods and services and then balances the current costs with current tax dollars. We could then and only then, present ourselves with an honest opportunity to choose to raise taxes for needed goods and services or to stop unneeded programs as well as under and unfunded programs. This is not rocket science. It does, however, need mature citizens acting responsibly.

Feb. 11, 2011


A critical number of the “politicians” of the current Egyptian régime are tainted by a history of malfeasance and corruption. The nation as a whole must demand, because it deserves better than it has been offered for some time, new talent and new faces. Be bold! Seek a greater truth that responds to the needs of the Egyptian family of citizens!

The Egyptian military has the responsibility and obligation to perform its duty for the Egyptian nation. That being – to hold safe the nation while allowing for the fostering of a freedom for the growth of the country, a growth that will give opportunity to the expression of the beauty of the human potential for the citizens of that great country.

The current “real politicians” of Egypt must rise to the occasion and give the military the mandate: hold safe the nascent republic so that infrastructures and candidates can present themselves and their ideological predilections in a reasonable timeframe to the people of Egypt. Then they, themselves, can exercise their given roles as citizens of an emerging democratic republic.

This demands a maturity of focus and follow-through by the military and the citizenry of this emerging nation. In the strength of a maturing leadership there is also that opportunity to give birth to truths and possibilities that enhance the participation in the human process.

I believe there is, at present, an opportunity for the great country of Egypt – one of the cradles of civilization’s apogee of effort – to regain its rightful place in the history of the human presence. I also believe there still exists (much more so in today’s environ of freedom) a critical mass of a knowledge of common purpose present in the Egyptian military and the cadres of enlightened Egyptian citizens for this birthing process of nationhood to unfold and present to the world of nations a fellow state moving toward the fulfillment of freedom for the loosening of the human potential. “Let freedom ring!”


Media moguls and prophets of profit, know this:
You reap the wind when you lie.
Always, dishonesty has given us crops of chaos
in which greedy gales of history’s maelstroms
crush the innocent.
Our species’ record of respect for those
who are truly victims,
the forever young that come and come and come,
has too little charity.
When human needs are known,
we must deliver the truth.
The crooked course of our past
has always had two truths
– yours and mine –
and yet we know in the pit of our stomachs
there is truth that does not depend upon anyone.
It belongs to itself.
If only we, you and I,
could stand still in silence waiting upon the truth,
we could be beneficiaries of holy stuff.
When avarice is put to bed, we seldom fear for life.
All things are either
true or not true, mine or not mine.
Why then do we insist upon wallowing in ignorance?
Truth is a holy endeavor!
When we focus upon yesterday’s gale,
we miss the calm of the present.
The silent dawn, the evening tide, all wait,
while caught in a paradigm of yesteryear,
we follow trails of dead leaves skittering in the wind.

*Reap the Wind is from Always Extolling: A Collection,
by Don Davison.

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you who wonder about a namby pamby world, remember: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”


More than just enough,
less than too much,
life threads the needle of the possible.
From a democracy of biology and our own kind
rings a message:
“All men are created equal”
and still “we are engaged in a Great Civil War
testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived
and so dedicated
can long endure.”
On the altars of our battlefields the value of the species
becomes a holy sacrifice.
The rational animal’s personal integrity encompasses
a universal commitment to life:
A life which begets and fosters more life,
and yet, not all life.
The cancers of our now and future,
many the gifts of progress and numbers,
are set to assail the soft tissue of fellow travelers.
We ride on a spaceship
that is not responsible for its privileged inhabitants.
Therefore we must develop a resolve:
Surgery is a must, cancers must be removed.
Healthy flesh will be invaded and infringed upon.
The living paradox: Yes/No.
Life’s mandate: Some yes/All no,
Enough of everything/Not too much of anything.
The mystical demands participation
in the paradox of the existential totality.
The execution of our presence can only be done
with the law of love.
In seeking the Truth of the Now
we must get close enough
to the edge of God’s mind
without losing sight of our souls.
Our challenge is to train soldiers for surgical strikes,
while attuning minds of citizens
to know when to send them into theaters of operation,
and to support them while they are there
and to welcome them home when they are done.
Existence is educere,
the leading out of complex Truths
from within and without,
all becoming in the present.
Unless we choose to maintain a commitment
to excise the insidious malevolence
of our brothers and our sisters,
we will not be able to exert control and deterrence
at the heart and periphery of our kind.
Freedom and restraint lie in the balance:
Close enough, swift enough,

*Strike Force is from Always Extolling: A Collection,
by Don Davison.

Feb. 4th, 2011


There is petulance in the Sandbox. Is this where we finally find ourselves? What cultural degradations have lead us to this moment? From inane conversations to screaming obnoxious obscenities, we wander in, out, and through the events of our times. How unbelievably shallow, naïve, and inconsequential are the comments of many of the pundits? We wouldn’t be stretching our commentary if we were to call them downright stupid. We are now reaping the crops of chaos from the last two generations of the lost. Year after year for the last forty years we have allowed ourselves to slide into an existential morass stirred by the ladle of information and misinformation. Media’s penchant for rushing just to throw stuff against the wall, has shamed us all.


When crashing pixilated abstractions,
accompanied by bombastic explosions,
 assault eyes and ears,
we turn to words.
Minds struggle in transition.
In some heroic attempt at understanding,
 we swim in vast seas of pollinated forms
reminding us of the overlays of reality.
Spiked balls of touching tentacles
stretching into space, 
much like information bits,
are cast amongst our fathomings.
An “I” lingers
isolated from the center
of a liquid flowing of mechanics
that spreads the process of life maintenance,
intergalactic interactions of bio and astrophysics
we call them.
While in rampant succession
rural and urban nuclei burst
in powerful expressions,
casting seeds
to raging winds and torrents,
creating new life forms needing love.
And all this lies
in the firmament of words. 

From Splashes, Soon to be included in a new Collection: The Twelfth Hour - Don Davison

Jan. 22nd, 2011


In view of the events of the previous week we all need to take into consideration the fundamental facts of the matter - as we know them now: That madness can and does play a roll in our perception of reality. An additional fact must be that numbers matter. It is not so much that errant moments happen, it is that they are so few, most of the time, in our self inscribed space. And it is with that knowledge that we must pursue our interests and ply our talents while exercising an eternal vigilance.


Ideals and greed of the species
penetrate recesses of all creeds and colors.
The nobility of every beautiful kind
falls victim to methods of deceit.
Vain attempts to
“Bury it all!”
in some peripheral and fleeting act of violence
erupt in the mundane passing of our days.
The Whole is touched by the few,
the few touched by the ONE
must scream,
“No! Not here! Not any longer!”
Although we hope for eternal quiescence,
we must shoulder an eternal vigilance.
From any place, any time,
a raging soul can lay claim to the innocent.
Destroyers of peace, counterfeiters of humanity,
always come.
Whirlwinds of chaos suck everything into their vortex,
leaving wounded hearts in their wake.
Why do we feel so inclined
to give passion its reign when we know
there is an after?

And where are you?
I’m here! I’m there! I’m everywhere!
I’m laughing and I’m crying with Cervantes
and his knight’s errant efforts
to lay to rest imagination and idyllic ethics,
while watching the current speculation on salvation.
I am with the Tutsis and the Irish,
with the Indios and the Bosnians,
the Eskimos and the many others.
I am with the persecuted and the starving,
the maligned and the depressed.
I am crying in the rain of time.
I am bashed upon the shore of a dry lake,
there are no waves of sentiment.
Where is the blanket of love to cover them all
and to dry their tears?


Week of Dec. 12-18, 2010


It is deeply troubling to witness the conversations of so many, whether they are in media or in politics, presenting such uninformed and adolescent prognostications. The U.S. citizenry, and I use that word citizen advisedly (because so few participate by voting in our Great Republic's elections - dare I say soap operas) is, for the most part, poorly informed about the goings on of The Republic or the global whole. We have too much ignorance and too many adults acting like ranting adolescents.

We have taken our eyes, minds, and hearts off the ball - and this has belittled our spirits. For the last three generations, we have allowed a pioneering courageous people to morph into entitlement expecting drones and consumers par excellence. We have allowed ourselves to be saddled with legislation designed to appease and to dull our perceptions of an innate need to "pay attention or die,"* we have turned into a nation of 50/50+-. We have an electorate that is divided into takers and doers, whiners and screamers. Far too many choose to wait upon governmental largesse in a downward-spiraling, anxiety-ridden, misplaced effort to sustain some passive participation in life's great challenges. Others co-opt their needs by continuing to look for offers of something for nothing. We must all understand: Nothing is free!** Politicians who colonize a piece of the representative turf by offering pork to their entitlement-addicted constituents are the "elected thieves” of the day and they are stealing more than money. They are stealing our personal sense of well-being, they are stealing our very souls.

A nation’s security, in every arena, is based upon an honest, well-founded commitment to satisfying real needs in real time. Spending too much for anything at anytime is undeniably the wrong thing to do. We need to “stand still in silence”*** in order to regain our sense of self. A self that understands that it is only in an honest self-ownership, exuding a passionate commitment to self-reliance, self-respect, and self-responsibility, that we will remain a nation of freedom-loving citizens of a great republic. This will demand our utmost and sincere effort.

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***Rule II from The Game of Life 

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Will the young mixed-puppies of a culture
be seduced by the old corrupt behemoths?
The electoral jury is hung at 49/51—
and tipping to the more-than side of enough—
even too much.
So tell me,
when the youthful exuberance
for the fashionable
and the branded-moment wears off,
will we fall victims
to the corruption of soul
where the waves of avarice
roll across the mainland?
Will there finally be more than
a few who will say,
“Enough of your tasteless shoving
of corruption down the throats
of your own constituents
in your all-out attempt to do it
to everyone!
Have you finally
torn off enough faces?”**

*This poem will be contained in one of the forthcoming COLLECTIONS. 
** This phrase is a euphemism that was used by Wall Street derivative traders. Its content and use is an example of how far removed some people have become from the interpersonal, from the recognition of others as people, and who are now using their fellow human beings as things to be abused in the process of wealth accumulation.

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To be a social critic is a difficult thing. The richness of the human family’s garden is without precedent. Races, languages, customs, religions, have all contributed to our well of being. At our local-global level we have flourished beyond belief. The tenacity of the human spirit manifests itself in myriad ways: we have tamed the wild bull and horse, we have opened the soil and planted seeds, we have taken from the river the lifeblood of life, we have harnessed fires and come to understand the seasons, we have circumnavigated our home, and we have plumbed the depths of the earth’s riches, we have opened ourselves to the wonders of energy and biology, we have set our sights on the stars and the astrophysics and biophysics of it all, we have matured as an entire species, and we have finally come to respect the gifts of nature.

Our current challenge is to sense the universal song of humanity. The role of the social critic is to fathom from the machinations and saintly acts those endeavors that complement the human presence. We can do this primarily by making sure that we educate to the strengths of the soul by advocating a growth in our understanding, a growth that in its richness represents all that is good and strong, that with which we can preserve ourselves and our surrounds as we maintain a predilection for a gentle heart. Like the ties of a railroad track, we must continually manifest the virtues, those stalwart actions that bind the rails to their equidistant eternal purpose. To that end we must be about shedding light on each and every truth. We must present manifold opportunities to each and every knowing, caring, responsible, respecting soul. We must emblazon on every temple, sing from every mountaintop, “Ye must know the truth! Let freedom reign!”

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